What is Yupeat?

pre-purchased / bagged meal ingredients ready for pickup

Enjoy cooking? Looking to learn? Cook without grocery shopping...

We buy meal ingredients any night of the work week so you don't have to.

Because you're busy, we'll send you an email everyday with a dinner recipe. We'll then buy the ingredients for that night's meal if you order. Our users are busy young professionals. They're tired of eating out, like saving money, and are interested in cooking new recipes.

"Love the concept and the meal was great. I am using this as inspiration to cook ... I've taken some cooking classes but never get around to cooking myself." - Ryan K.

Why do our users choose Yupeat?

Yupeat grew out of one basic idea: cooking good food at home can be easier than it is today. By making recipe ingredients immediately available to you for pick-up, your decision to cook at home becomes an easy one.

Spend time cooking instead of planning meals and searching for ingredients

Planning meals and buying ingredients (at a store or online) is a drain on time. Why not jump straight to the fun of cooking and the socializing that goes with it. If you want to avoid overbuying and want to ensure that you always have the ingredients you need, let us buy your ingredients for you fresh everyday.

How Yupeat service works

  • One emailed recipe per day: Receive one email per day between 11 and 2p with a hearty dish ranging in price per serving from $4 to $10. Total cooktime for any given meal will always be less than 60 minutes. Emails include a summary of the ingredients we'll buy for that day and serving size. An example dish includes 'Baked Teriyaki Chicken with Bacon and Kimchi Fried Rice' and more.
  • Deselect items you already have: Items you likely already have are deselected by default on the Yupeat order page. A couple of orders with Yupeat and you'll soon find yourself deselecting items. As a result, you'll see the cost per serving for your daily meals go down.
  • Pick-up ingredients from a nearby grocer: Our buyers purchase your ingredients just in time for you to pick up your ingredients after work. Service is currently being offered in 3 San Francisco locations including: Safeway, 298 King St, Safeway (Market St.), 2020 Market St, and Whole Foods, 1765 California St.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Yupeat service being offered?

San Francisco

Safeway, 298 King St, San Francisco
Safeway (Market St.), 2020 Market St, San Francisco
Whole Foods, 1765 California St, San Francisco

We fully intend to continue to grow to other neighborhoods in San Francisco based on what we hear from our users.

What days/times do you offer Yupeat service?

Yupeat users can place an order on any day of the work week (M-F, excluding standard holidays) and have our buyers purchase ingredients for that day's meal which you receive via email between 11-2p.

The ingredients are available for pickup anytime between 5-7p and users can place an order anytime up until 4:30p.

How much does the service cost?

Users have the option to pay a per-order charge of 3.99 or can sign-up for a monthly subscription for 14.99. In particular, monthly subscribers can order every day of the month for one flat service charge of 14.99.

Do you offer a vegetarian option? How about substitutions? Can I modify the serving size?

No (to all of the above). We're trying hard to balance simplicity with user requested features. As we improve our core service we'll look to expand to include all of the above.

When are the ingredients purchased?

Yupeat buyers purchase the ingredients the day of your order between 4:30 and your pick-up time, ensuring that the items you get are always fresh.

What are some example meals?

Below are a few examples:

  • Baked Teriyaki Chicken with Bacon and Kimchi Fried Rice
  • Bourbon Chicken on Rice with Sauteed Cauliflower

Where do you find your recipes?

Recently, we've been working with the best food bloggers on the web who suggest their favorite meals. An effort we're calling Yupeat 40/40. See a list of all of the food bloggers responsible for recommending meals here.

Awesome photos courtesy of Christina Fay and Boogie Photography. Check out their blogs.