Where is Yupeat service being offered?

San Francisco

Safeway, 298 King St, San Francisco
Safeway (Market St.), 2020 Market St, San Francisco
Whole Foods, 1765 California St, San Francisco

We fully intend to continue to grow to other neighborhoods in San Francisco based on what we hear from our users.

What do I get with a Yupeat subscription?

Yupeat subscribers can place an order on any day of the work week (M-F, excluding standard holidays) and have our buyers purchase ingredients for that day's meal which you receive via email during your workday. The ingredients are available for pickup anytime between 5-7p and users can place an order anytime up until 4:30p.

The idea is to make fresh and delcious meal ingredients available to you when you're most busy. Users only pay for the groceries they purchase.

What types of meal ideas should I expect?

Below are a few examples:

  • Baked Teriyaki Chicken with Bacon and Kimchi Fried Rice
  • Pork Chops with Black-Bean and Tomato Quinoa
  • Bourbon Chicken on Rice with Sauteed Cauliflower
  • Italian Turkey Sausage and Tomatoes over Rotini Pasta

How do you set meal ingredient prices?

Generally a Yupeat buyer purchases ingredients for the next day's recipe in advance. Every effort is made to have the prices on the website match the store's price. We don't mark-up the price of ingredients.

In the case of meat which varies between packages, we aim to be within $1 (above or below) of what appears on the website.